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From Paul Taylor <>
Subject Problem searching non analyzed fields
Date Tue, 29 Sep 2009 22:16:32 GMT
I  use the same Analyzer for both creating an index and searching 
however I'm having a problem with some fields that I added with 
Field.Index.NOT_ANALYZED, how can I enforce they are also search without 
being analysed.

I did this for some fields containg Guids and products codes because I 
didn't want them modifying/tokenizing at all and it works fine for 
Guids, however one of these fields contains Amazon Id of B00004Y6O9 and 
I think when I search for this it fails because the analyzer I'm using  
lowercases all text and nowhere do I specify when parsing not to use the 
analyzer when searching, but of course its not getting lowercased when 
added to the index.

code extract:
IndexSearcher is = IndexSearcher( NIOFSDirectory(new 
File(indexDir + '/' + indexName + '/'), null), true));
QueryParser qp = new QueryParser(defaultFields.get(0), analyzer);
TopScoreDocCollector collector = TopScoreDocCollector.create(offset + 
limit, true);, collector);

So how do I tell the parser not to analyse some fields, Im guessing the 
idea  is to subclass the QueryParser  but how, or should I be using 
Field.Index.ANALYZED when adding to the index

thanks Paul

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