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From Thomas Rewig <>
Subject Re: Problems with ItemBasedRecommender with Lucene
Date Thu, 17 Sep 2009 12:06:39 GMT
Oh, I overlooked the simplest way to do that. You're right, tokens are 
the key to this problem. It works pretty well.
It would be perfect if I use payloads. I read your advice

You store the payloads with your PayLoadAnalyzer in this way:

    //Store both position and offset information
    Field text = new Field("body", DOCS[i], Field.Store.NO, 

Is there a chance to use


because otherwise my index would be much to big or are normes necessary 
for Payloads?

You use Lucene 2.9 is there a way to do this with Lucene 2.4.1 because I 
can't find e.g. the "PayloadEncoder" or do I have to wait for the release?

Regards Thomas
> You might want to ask on mahout-user, but I'm guessing Ted didn't mean 
> a new field for every item-item, but instead to represent them as 
> tokens and then create the corresponding appropriate queries (seems 
> like payloads may be useful, or function queries).  That to me is the 
> only way you would achieve the sparseness savings you are after.
> -Grant
> --------------------------
> Grant Ingersoll
> Search the Lucene ecosystem (Lucene/Solr/Nutch/Mahout/Tika/Droids) 
> using Solr/Lucene:
>> Hello,
>> I build a "real time ItemBasedRecommender" based on a users history 
>> and a (sparse) item similarity matrix with lucene. Some time ago Ted 
>> Dunning recommended me this approach at the mahout mailing list to 
>> create a ItemBasedRecommender:
>> "It is actually very easy to do. The output of the recommendation 
>> off-line process is generally a sparse matrix of item-item links. 
>> Each line of this sparse matrix can be considered a document in 
>> creating a Lucene index. You will have to use a correct analyzer and 
>> a line by line document segmenter, but that is trivial. Then 
>> recommendation is a simple query step."
>> So for 100000 items it works fine - but for 1 million items the 
>> Indexing fails and I have no idea how to avoid this. Maybe you can 
>> give me a hint.
>> First I create a Item-Item-Similaritymatrix with mahout's taste and 
>> in the second step I index it. The matrix is sparce because only 
>> Item-Item-Relations with a high correlation will be saved.
>> Here are the Code Snippets for this indexing :
>>           CachedRowSetImpl rowSetMainItemList = null; // Mapping of 
>> Items
>>       ArrayList<String> listBelongingItems = null; // Belonging and 
>> highest correlating Items for a MainItem
>>       Document aDocument = null;
>>       Field aField = null;
>>       Field aField1 = null;
>>             Analyzer aAnalyzer  = new StandardAnalyzer();
>>       IndexWriter aWriter = new IndexWriter(this.indexDirectory, 
>> aAnalyzer, true, IndexWriter.MaxFieldLength.UNLIMITED);
>>             aWriter.setRAMBufferSizeMB(48);
>>             rowSetMainItemList = getRowSetItemList(); //get all Items
>>             aField1 = new Field("Item1", "", 
>> Field.Store.YES,Field.Index.ANALYZED); // reuse this field
>>             while ({
>>                         aDocument = new Document();
>> aField1.setValue(rowSetMainItemList.getString(1));              
>> aDocument.add(aField1);
>>                     listBelongingItems = 
>> getRowSetBelongingItems(rowSetMainItemList.getString(1)); // get the 
>> most similar Items fpr a Item
>>           Iterator<String> itrBelongingItems = 
>> listBelongingItems.iterator();
>>                         while (itrBelongingItems.hasNext()){
>>                                 String strBelongingItem = (String) 
>>               //No reuse of Field possible because of different 
>> fieldnames:
>>               aField = new Field(strBelongingItem,"1", 
>> Field.Store.NO,Field.Index.ANALYZED_NO_NORMS);
>>               aDocument.add(aField);
>>           }
>> aWriter.addDocument(aDocument);                        }
>>             aWriter.optimize();
>>       aWriter.close();
>>                 aAnalyzer.close();
>>              Actually the Field of the BelongingItem have to be 
>> boosted with the MainItem-BelongingItem-Correlation-Value to get 
>> accurate Recommendations, but here the Index would be about 80 GByte 
>> for 6 million items... without it will only be about 2Gbyte.
>> But under the condition that only relevant Correlations will be saved 
>> in the Similaritymatrix the recommendation quality will be good enough.
>> The item recommendation for a User is a simple BooleanQuery with 
>> userhistory boosted TermQuerys. Here I search for documents with the 
>> largest Correspondence regarding the userhistory.  So I  look in 
>> which Documents the most Fields with the name of a BelongingItem are 
>> set (with value 1) and recommend the "key"-value which was set in 
>> aField1("Item"...)
>> Whatever, as i mentioned it worked for a Number of 100000 Items.  But 
>> if there are 1 million items the indexing crash after a while with
>> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
>>       at java.util.HashMap.resize(
>>       at java.util.HashMap.addEntry(
>>       at java.util.HashMap.put(
>>       at java.util.HashSet.add(
>>       at org.apache.lucene.index.DocInverter.flush(
>>       at 
>> org.apache.lucene.index.DocFieldConsumers.flush( 
>>       at 
>> org.apache.lucene.index.DocFieldProcessor.flush( 
>>       at 
>> org.apache.lucene.index.DocumentsWriter.flush(
>>       at 
>> org.apache.lucene.index.IndexWriter.doFlush(
>>       at 
>> org.apache.lucene.index.IndexWriter.flush(
>>       at 
>> org.apache.lucene.index.IndexWriter.addDocument(
>>       at 
>> org.apache.lucene.index.IndexWriter.addDocument(
>> if I increase the Java heap space there will be a "OutOfMemoryError: 
>> /PermGen space" /Exception.
>> If I increase the PermGen Space -XX:MaxPermSize=1024m the Java heap 
>> space is still the limiting factor.
>> I can increase both to the maximum of my system  - 20Gbyte Ram are 
>> available - but this doesn't solve the problem.
>> Through indexing the ram-memory consumtion growing steadily until it 
>> chrashes. It does not matter if I index the data in segments with 
>> open and close each time the IndexWriter or if I optimize the index 
>> periodically - the ram-memory consumtion is still growing ...
>> I think the problem is, that I can't reuse the field aField for my 
>> approach and it seems the GC doesn't collect it. Extrapolated thats 
>> 600 Million unique fields...
>> I'm using lucene 2.4.1 and java version "1.6.0_16".
>> Do anyone have an idea to avoid the growing memory. Or do somebody 
>> know an other approche for a "realtime Item based Recommender" with 
>> Lucene?

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