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From Paul Taylor <>
Subject Best way to create own version of StandardTokenizer ?
Date Fri, 04 Sep 2009 15:18:56 GMT
I submitted this patch 
to StandardTokenizerImpl, understandably it hasn't been incoroprated 
into Lucene (yet) but I need it for the project Im working on. So would 
you recommend keeping the same class name, and just putting in the 
classpath before the lucene.jar, or creating a new Tokenizer,Impl and 
Jflex file in my own projects package space.

Also, the StandardTokenizerImpl.jflex file states it should be compiled 
with Java 1.4 not a later JDK, is this just for backwards compatability 
? Because the indexes will be built afresh with this project  would I 
actually get a better results if I used a later JVM, the project has to 
deal with indexing text  which can be in any language and I'm hoping 
using the latest JVM may solve some mapping problems with Japanese, 
Hebrew and Korean that I don't really understand. Also our build process 
uses Maven (not ant) and code is built using source 1.6 so its going to 
be a pain to configure Maven to deal with this class differently.

thanks Paul

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