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From Kerang Lv <>
Subject Run your Lucene Applications on Google AppEngine with GAELucene
Date Mon, 14 Sep 2009 16:04:27 GMT
Hi Lucene users,

Enlightened by the discussion "Can I run Lucene in google app engine? [],
I implemented a google datastore based Lucene component, GAELucene, which can help you to
run search applications on google app engine.

The main clazz of GAELucene include: 
    * GAEDirectory - a read only Directory based on google datastore. 
    * GAEFile - stands for an index file, the file's byte content will be splited into multi
    * GAEFileContent - stands for a segment of index file. 
    * GAECategory - the identifier of different indices. 
    * GAEIndexInput - a memory-resident IndexInput? implementation like the RAMInputStream.

    * GAEIndexReader - wrapper for IndexReader? that cached in GAEIndexReaderPool 
    * GAEIndexReaderPool - pool for GAEIndexReader 

The following code snippet demonstrates the use of GAELucene do searching: 
  Query queryObject = parserQuery(request);
  GAEIndexReaderPool readerPool =GAEIndexReaderPool.getInstance();
  GAEIndexReader indexReader = readerPool.borrowReader(INDEX_CATEGORY_DEMO);
  IndexSearcher searcher =newIndexSearcher(indexReader);
  Hits hits =;

You can find more here ''


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