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From Marcelo Ochoa <>
Subject ANN: New release of Lucene Domain Index for Oracle
Date Tue, 29 Sep 2009 17:45:37 GMT
Hi All:
   A new binary distribution of Lucene Domain Index ( for
Oracle 10g/11g has been released.
   Lucene Domain Index is integration of Lucene Project running inside
the Oracle JVM and integrated to the SQL layer by adding a new index
   This new version uses latest Lucene 2.9.0 core libraries and
introduces some of the changes on API.
   Here complete list of changes:
     * Tested with Oracle 11gR2, 11gR1 and 10.2 databases.
     * DefaultUserDataStore do a SAX parsing to get text nodes and
attributes from an XMLType value.
     * A SimpleLRUCache is used to load rowids and his associated
Lucene doc id, this reduce memory consumption when querying very big
tables. A new parameter has been added, CachedRowIdSize by default
10000 to control the size of the LRU cache.
     * Lucene Domain Index core was updated to use TopFieldCollector
and to avoid computation time when lscore() is not used.
     * Two new parameter has been added NormalizeScore which control
when to track the Max Score and PreserveDocIdOrder when querying, both
parameters are consequence of new Lucene Collector API and boost the
performance when querying.
     * A table alias L$MT is defined for the master table associated
to the index to be used in complex queries associating columns from
master tables and columns from dependant tables.
Full documentation is at:
Download for Oracle 10g/11g:
    Best regards, Marcelo.
Marcelo F. Ochoa
Want to integrate Lucene and Oracle?
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