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From Simon Willnauer <>
Subject Re: "Read timed out" behind firewall - Ports closed? Loopback?
Date Wed, 26 Aug 2009 09:28:08 GMT
Lucene is a framework that offers fulltext-indexing and search
capabilities with a very limited support for client/server
communication. The only remote communication mechanism included in
Lucene (I know about - but I'm very confident I did not miss anything
related to that) is the RemoteSearcher which is based Java RMI. Drawn
from the stacktrace you provided the error is somewhere in a xmlRPC
communication. Lucene does not have any dependencies on those classes
so I'm very confident that this error is not caused by Lucene
directly. I hardly recommend you re-ask your question on the
KnowledgeTree mailinglist.

Hope you get help there!


On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 11:18 AM, David de la Torre<> wrote:
> Dear Simon. Firstly thank you very much for your answer. I've been trying to
> debug this problem for a while and I am a bit at a loss.
> I am using lucene as search engine as included in a document management
> system called KnowledgeTree
> (
> The authors of KnowledgeTree write that:
> "KnowledgeTree uses a Java-based document indexing service that stores
> metadata in a Lucene based search library.
> When the document indexer is not running, metadata of documents cannot be
> placed in the search library, thereby excluding it from search results".
> So it seems to me that the error could come from this "indexer" from KT or
> from java/lucene. The only application I have running on Java at the moment
> is named KtLucene, which I call  on the console with: ">java -jar
> ktlucene.jar&"
> I guess that the error comes therefore from KtLucene. And I supose that
> KTlucene calls Lucene at a certain moment. Am I wrong? What I still don't
> know is if the error comes from lucene itself or from the application -
> KTlucene.
> From your answer it seems that you believe that lucene is not the source of
> the problem. I have to believe that it must come from KTlucene - the
> application -. If this is the case, I will address the issue to the mailing
> lists of KnoledgeTree.
> Thanks again for your help.
> --- El mié, 26/8/09, Simon Willnauer <>
> escribió:
> De: Simon Willnauer <>
> Asunto: Re: "Read timed out" behind firewall - Ports closed? Loopback?
> Para:
> Fecha: miércoles, 26 agosto, 2009 10:23
> David,
> I can not follow you. What kind of Lucene applicaiton are you talking
> about. Afaik lucene does not use xmlRPC anywhere and we do not have
> any dependency on it (Do I miss something?). There is a RemoteSearcher
> / RemoteSearchable in core (until 2.4.1) and now in contrib/remote
> which uses RMI and the default port is 1099. But your stacktrace seems
> to be something else.
> If this has anything to do with lucene-core / contrib you will get
> help if you can elaborate your problem further. If this is related to
> some other app/project using lucene you might be better asking the
> projects mailing-list.
> simon
> On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 10:02 AM, David de la Torre<>
> wrote:
>> When running lucene, on a machine with a firewall, I got the following
>> error message, which I think it must be related to the firewall. In
>> fact, when I shut down the firewall, the error dissapears. It must be
>> something relating to the ports I have open. Lucene says it is running
>> in port 8875. Is this the only port to open? is it a UDP or TCP port ?
>> Could it also be related to the loopback?
>> 100870 [XML-RPC-0] ERROR org.apache.xmlrpc.webserver.WebServer  - Read
>> timed out
>> Read timed out
>>        at Method)
>>        at
>>        at
>>        at
>>        at
>>  org.apache.xmlrpc.webserver.Connection.readLine(
>>        at
>> org.apache.xmlrpc.webserver.Connection.getRequestConfig(
>>        at
>>        at
>> org.apache.xmlrpc.util.ThreadPool$MyThread.runTask(
>>        at
>> org.apache.xmlrpc.util.ThreadPool$
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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