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From "Len Takeuchi" <>
Subject RE: Using HitCollector to Collect First N Hits
Date Mon, 24 Aug 2009 16:13:44 GMT
Hi Simon,

> that is what my first guess was and I'm pretty sure that the long time
> is taken before the documents get scored. A short prefix can easily
> expand to thousands of terms, do you encounter
> TooManyClausesExceptions and in turn do you set
> BooleanQuery#setMaxClauseCount() to a higher value than 1024?
> I wonder if BooleanQuery#setAllowDocsOutOfOrder(true) would give you
> any performance hit if you don't care about the order of how the docs
> come in. Any idea how many terms your prefix query expands to?

I looked into it and the prefix query we are finding to be slow expands
to about 150 terms (and hence we're not getting

> one more thing... while I have no idea about your usecase if you don't
> care about the score you could you expand the terms yourself just like
> PrefixQuery does.

I was trying out a few things and if term expansion is limited to about
20 or so the performance becomes okay for us.  I will have to try to
find some way to limit the expansion for some queries.  I'll look into
expanding the terms myself as you suggest.

Thanks for your help,

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