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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: Lucene release 2.9
Date Wed, 26 Aug 2009 14:14:05 GMT
Looks like we are going to pull back a day and start the freeze sometime
tomorrow (Thursday, August 27 2009). There is still a lot of
documentation to catch up - wouldn't make sense to have anyone look over
what we know is still wrong.


- Mark

Mark Miller wrote:
> Hello all Lucene users,
> I just wanted to let you in on the current release schedule for Lucene
> 2.9 (still subject to change):
> Currently, we plan to go into official feature freeze tomorrow
> (Wednesday, August 26 2009). That means we will try and keep the 2.9
> code as stable as possible, only committing documentation patches, bug
> fixes, and build patches.
> That is tentatively scheduled to last one week. During this time
> (starting tomorrow), I'm going to host Lucene 2.9 RC distributions on my
> people.apache personal site to make it easy for users to download and
> help us test and find documentation/packaging issues. Any assistance you
> can give us in this regard will help ensure a quality Lucene 2.9
> release. If, and as, issues are found, I will put up new RCs and
> announce on the list their availability. I don't recommend that you use
> these RC's in production - they are not going to be the official
> release. However, if you are already using trunk, you should be
> qualified to make your own decisions in that regard.
> If we feel comfortable that 2.9 is ready after the week freeze - Lucene
> 2.9 will be promptly released.
> You can find the changes for Lucene 2.9 here:
> Thanks,

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