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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Lucene release 2.9
Date Tue, 25 Aug 2009 16:35:48 GMT
Hello all Lucene users,

I just wanted to let you in on the current release schedule for Lucene
2.9 (still subject to change):

Currently, we plan to go into official feature freeze tomorrow
(Wednesday, August 26 2009). That means we will try and keep the 2.9
code as stable as possible, only committing documentation patches, bug
fixes, and build patches.

That is tentatively scheduled to last one week. During this time
(starting tomorrow), I'm going to host Lucene 2.9 RC distributions on my
people.apache personal site to make it easy for users to download and
help us test and find documentation/packaging issues. Any assistance you
can give us in this regard will help ensure a quality Lucene 2.9
release. If, and as, issues are found, I will put up new RCs and
announce on the list their availability. I don't recommend that you use
these RC's in production - they are not going to be the official
release. However, if you are already using trunk, you should be
qualified to make your own decisions in that regard.

If we feel comfortable that 2.9 is ready after the week freeze - Lucene
2.9 will be promptly released.

You can find the changes for Lucene 2.9 here:


- Mark

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