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Subject Re: AW: Wildcard search fails
Date Thu, 13 Aug 2009 20:52:01 GMT
> we used different analyzers and regenerated the index each
> time with the same results...used Luke each time already.
> Currently we're using SnowBall and Luke can't find any
> documents using the supplied query examples below (in
> zzz-all).
> Same happened using StandardAnalyzer (for both, indexing
> and search).
> Using Luke with StandardAnalyzer set, searching for
> "rz/g/*" results in a query for zzz-all:rz/g/* but with no results.

StandardTokenizer produces two tokens ('rz' and  'g/17') from 'RZ/G/17'.
That's why "rz/g/*" is not matching. WhitespaceTokenizer or WhitespaceAnalyazer will recognize
'RZ/G/17' as one token.
Then you the query "RZ/G/*" will return 'RZ/G/17'. Also wildcard queries are not analyzed
(tokenize, lowercase, stem, etc). 


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