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From <>
Subject Seeking guidance for updating indexes
Date Fri, 31 Jul 2009 16:42:58 GMT

I still am new to Lucene, but I think I have an initial indexer app (based on the demo IndexFiles
app) working, and also have a web app, based on the demo luceneweb web app working.  

I'm still busy tweaking both, but am starting to think ahead, about operational type issues,
esp. updating indexes.

The situation I have is a little specific.  In particular, once a document is indexed via
Lucene, we will, theoretically, never need to or want to remove that document.  But, we will
have new documents that will need to be added periodically.  

In other words, I think the terminology would be that we woud just be "inserting" documents
(and updating the Lucene index), never "updating" or "deleting" documents.

>From some research I've done, it seems like the way to accomplish this would be to just
add the new documents, using Document.add(), as I did with the initial indexer, but having
a new "update" app that makes sure that it is only adding documents that have not been added

Is this correct?

Assuming that the above is correct, is it going to be possible to keep the search web app
running while the new update app is doing its job?  

Are there things that I need to worry about in the update app, such as locking, etc.?   Note
that we would only have a single update app running, i.e., we won't have any situations where
we'd have multiple updates running simultaneously.

If so, what are they?

Specifically, what I'm looking for is, other than ensuring not to add previously-added documents,
what is different between the original indexer code and the update indexer code?


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