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From "stefan" <>
Subject AW: OutOfMemoryError using IndexWriter
Date Wed, 24 Jun 2009 14:18:37 GMT


>OK so this means it's not a leak, and instead it's just that stuff is
>consuming more RAM than expected.
Or that my test db is smaller than the production db which is indeed the case.

>Hmm -- there are quite a few buffered deletes pending.  It could be we
>are under-accounting for RAM used by buffered deletes.  I'll dig on
That sounds promising to me, how does a delete happen, we are talking of complete new re-indexing,
no deletes at all should be happening. Are you saying that I remove docs from the index ?

>Also, your char[]'s are taking ~30 MB, byte[] ~26MB, which is odd if
>your RAM buffer is 16MB.  Does your app create these?
A fair amount is created by my app - I histogram without indexing shows about 10MB chars created
by my App:
class [C 	132399 	9457148,
though a few more could be created during indexing.

> Why is it, that creating a new Index Writer will let the indexing run fine with 80MB,
but keeping it will create an
> OutOfMemoryException running with 100MB heap size ?

Please explain those buffered deletes in a few more details.



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