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From mitu2009 <>
Subject SpatialQuery for location based search using Lucene
Date Sat, 27 Jun 2009 20:08:04 GMT


My lucene index has got latitude and longitudes fields indexed as follows:

    doc.Add(new Field("latitude", latitude.ToString() , Field.Store.YES,
    doc.Add(new Field("longitude", longitude.ToString(), Field.Store.YES,

I want to retrieve a set of documents from this index whose lat and long
values are in a given range.

As you already know, Lat and long could be negative values.
Given this,would the approach mentioned below give correct results or is
there any other way to do this?


     Term lowerLatitude = new Term("latitude", bounds.South.ToString() );
                    Term upperLatitude = new Term("latitude",
                    RangeQuery latitudeRangeQuery = new
RangeQuery(lowerLatitude, upperLatitude, true);
                    Term lowerLongitude = new Term("longitude",
                    Term upperLongitude = new Term("longitude",
                    RangeQuery longitudeRangeQuery = new
RangeQuery(lowerLongitude, upperLongitude, true);

Also,I wanted to know how Lucene's ConstantScoreRangeQuery is better than
RangeQuery  class.

Am facing another problem in this context:
I've one of the documents in the index with the following 3 cities:

 - Lyons, IL
   Oak Brook, IL
   San Francisco, CA

If i give input as "Lyons, IL" then this record comes up.
But if i give San Francisco, CA as input, then it does not.

However, if i store the cities for this document as follows:

 - San Francisco, CA 
   Lyons, IL
   Oak Brook, IL

 and when i give San Francisco, CA  as input, then this record shows in the
search results.

What i want here is that if i type any of the 3 cities in input,I should get
this document in the search results.

Please help me achieve this.


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