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From Marc Sturlese <>
Subject memory leak with CustomComparatorSource class variables
Date Fri, 12 Jun 2009 22:09:19 GMT

Hey there,
I have noticed I am experiencing sort of a memory leak with a
CustomComparatorSource (wich implements SortComparatorSource).
I have a HashMap declared as variable of class in CustomComparatorSource:

final HashMap<String,Integer> docs_to_modify

This HashMap contains ids of documents and priorities used for sorting (the
HashMap is assigned in the constructor).
Normally the HashMap will have different values depending on the query
string requested and normally will have a size of 5000 elements.

I have noticed that this HashMap causes a memory leak. GC will always leave
some memory in use because of this structure. The more requests the more
memory that keeps in use (after lots of debugging and tracing I know the
memory leak is that HasMap) until I get a Tomcat heap space

Looks like class variables from a CustomComparatorSource are never freed. I
have thought this could happen if IndexSeracher keeps an instance of
CustomComparatorSource and never frees it...

Any clue why this happens?

My Comparator looks like:
class CustomComparatorSource implements SortComparatorSource 
  private final HashMap<String,Integer> docs_to_modify;
  public CustomComparatorSource( HashMap<String,Integer> docs_map) {
    this.docs_to_modify = docs_map;
  public ScoreDocComparator newComparator(final IndexReader index_reader,
String fieldname) throws IOException 

    final FieldCache.StringIndex index =
FieldCache.DEFAULT.getStringIndex(index_reader, fieldname);
    return new ScoreDocComparator () 
      public final int compare (final ScoreDoc d0, final ScoreDoc d1) {
        //... algorithm used to compare
        return value_A - value_B;
      public Comparable sortValue (final ScoreDoc d0) {
        //... algorithm used to sort value     
        return new Integer( value_A );
      public int sortType() {
        return SortField.CUSTOM;

And it's called from:
new Sort( new SortField[] { new SortField(idField, new
CustomComparatorSource(docs_map), false )}

Thanks in advance!

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