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From "Ganesh" <>
Subject setTermInfosIndexDivisor
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2009 07:10:49 GMT
Hello all,

I am using Lucene v2.4.1 

I have build multiple indexes of total 30 million documents. My memory limit is 512 MB. In
this case i am getting frequently OOME. If i increased the memory limit to 1 GB / 1.5 GB then
it is working fine. My point is it will also will get exhausted when it reaches 60 / 90 million

I thought to use setTermInfosIndexDivisor, but even then the memory consumption is same. This
parameter has no effect. Whether this parameter should be set while building index? I build
the index using default value. After hitting OOME i am setting this. 

Directory dir = FSDirectory.getDirectory(indexPath);
IndexReader reader =, true);

IndexWriter.setTermIndexInterval  should be set while creating the index? If i build the index
with default value, After some time if i use this parameter, Whether there will be some effect?


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