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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Query scoring
Date Fri, 01 May 2009 21:00:21 GMT

: Sorry, you can see the script below:

uh ... ok.  so now you've posted a bunch of your code, but you still 
haven't addresed the root of what Erick and I were both getting at...

: > Erick means we need to see *all* of your code (inlcuding how you get the
: > score and the Explanation you are printing) to understand why they don't
: > match.
: >
: > All you've shown is the output of your program and the generation of a
: > Hits object.

...with your latest post now we see a bunch of utility functions showing 
how you index your data and one function showing how you get the highest 
scoring doc for a "word" ... but at no point in any of your code do you 
call "explain" or get the score of a Document.

People can't answer your question unless they understand what you are are 
doing -- they can't understand what you are doing until you show them the 
code ... all of the code.  

The rule of thumb to use: If you email someone code, and they can't 
compile it or run it on their own computer because it depends on other 
code that only you have, then odds are they can't make sense of why it 
doens't do what you wnat it to do.


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