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From Timon Roth <>
Subject german analyers xes me
Date Tue, 12 May 2009 08:08:46 GMT
hello list

al little confusion with a phrasequery. im using lucene 2.9 and have indexed 
all the data with the germananalyzer.

i have one field (full_text) for the searchable data and a few fields for 
sorting. the full_text ist not stored and analyzed. the fields for sorting 
are storen and not analyzed.

doc.add(new Field("full_text", value,Field.Store.NO, Field.Index.ANALYZED));
doc.add(new Field("needs_sort", value,Field.Store.YES, 

so i do the following phrasesearch "öffentliche finanzen und abgaberecht"...

the queryparser is feeded with the germananalyzer and translates the phrase 
to "offentlich finanx abgaberech".

QueryParser parser = new QueryParser("full_text", new GermanAnalyzer());

but the result is not as expected.

it gives me all hits who have the phrase in a sortfield, which i am not use 
for searching.

other querys for searching works pretty well just like "gemeindeautonomie; 
art. 8, 9 und 26 bv"

any hints?

Timon Roth
Triemlistrasse 92
8047 Zürich
043 817 40 31
079 636 57 28

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