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From Vladimir Ignatov <>
Subject Re: Autonomy search technology
Date Sat, 04 Apr 2009 06:15:22 GMT
Here is at yellopages/rus ( we switch from FAST to Lucene. I
am HAPPY about it. Sometimes FAST was a nightmare to work with.
Non-working features, obscure bugs, thousands of non-documented
settings, slow, lazy and dumb techsupport... Not mention it's
ridiculous price and very limiting license (you are limited with a
fixed number of queries/sec).  And yes, if you want to do something
not completely trivial, you have to cont(r)act FAST solution
department and buy the solution.

Vladimir Ignatov

2009/4/4 Shashi Kant <>:
> Hmm..not sure I would call Autonomy a "superb product". IMHO It is anything
> but. In fact, it is what one calls bloat-ware.I have had some experience
> with Autonomy and it is hardly something you should consider using unless
> you are eager to shoot yourself in the foot. I fundamentally disagree with
> Patrick's characterization as a "superb product".  My experiences are far
> from it. Overall, I would apply that experience to most of the COTS such as
> FAST (MS), Endeca et al.
> I would much rather work with a tool that I can tweak and customize freely
> without being asked to pay through my nose for every tiny thing.
> Hope that helps,
> Shashi

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