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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Help to determine why an optimized index is proportionaly too big.
Date Thu, 09 Apr 2009 22:46:15 GMT

: The second stage index failed an optimization with a disk full exception 
: (I had to move it to another lucene machine with a larger disk partition 
: to complete the optimization. Is there a reason why a 22 day index would 
: be 10x the size of an 8 day index when the document indexing rate is 
: fairly constant? Also, is there a way to shrink the index without 
: regenerating it?

did you run CheckIndex after it failed to optimize the first time?  the 
failure may have left old temp files arround that aren't actually part of 
the index but are taking up space. 

(Actually: does CheckIndex warn about unused files in the index directory 
so people can clean them up? i'm not sure)

If all else fails: try using the IndexMerge tool to merge you existing 
index into an empty index, and see how big that new index is -- that tool 
will definitely only merge data in that's actually part of the index.


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