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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: semantic vectors
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2009 21:07:09 GMT
I am sorry Nittin, I may have injected you the doubt about this...  
semantic-vectors is a project based on Lucene:
you probably want to look there and ask questions on the forum there.


Le 06-avr.-09 à 22:45, Richard Marr a écrit :

> Hi Nitin,
> I'm assuming you're asking about Latent Semantic Indexing and similar.
> This may not be the best place to ask about this. Not sure where else
> to suggest though.
> If I understand your quesion correctly, the basic idea is that you
> take a document (usually text but it could also be an image, video,
> whatever) and create a meaningful vector from it. With a text document
> you could create the vector by specifying each word in your vocabulary
> as a dimension and defining the position in that dimension as the
> number of occurences of that word. You can then treat the Euclidian
> distance between documents as a measure of similarity. Similar
> documents are clustered together.
> With images you need different techniques to create the vectors.
> Different vector creation algorithms create different measures of
> similarity (colour, shape, etc).
> I wouldn't say that semantic indexing methods are "different" from the
> semantic web, because I see them as overlapping concepts. From my
> perspective the semantic web comprises of many approaches, both
> top-down (centralised interpretation of meaning like LSI) and
> bottom-up (manual meta-tagging of data through mark-up, linking,
> microformats, etc.)
> Does that help at all? If anyone has corrections, or more to add,
> please pile in... I'm wearing my flame-retardant underpants  :)
> Rich
> 2009/4/1 nitin gopi <>:
>> hi all,
>>        I want to know everything about semantic vectors. I want to  
>> know how
>> does it indexes the documents such that the results produced are
>> semantically better than normal search. I also want to know how it is
>> different from semantic web, which uses the concept of ontologies and
>> metadata. It would be very helpful if somebody mail me all the study
>> material related to it?
>> Thanking You
>> Nitin
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