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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: no segments* file found: files: Error on opening index
Date Wed, 29 Apr 2009 10:09:06 GMT
Are you sure you can't make the reader reopen block on a reindex?  Or
skip reopen if reindex is in process?

(Because that's the simplest solution).

If not, I think the next best solution is likely to allow multiple
commit points in the index.  You'll need a custom deletion policy that
always keeps the "last commit point that's safe to reopen" in the
index.  Then a reindex can gleefully proceed since the last "safe to
reopen" commit point will not be deleted.  If a reader wants to
reopen, you ask it to reopen on that "last safe commit point".

But these APIs (reopen to a commit point) are only available in 2.9
trunk.  You can emulate this in prior releases by using separate
indexing directories in the filesystem.


On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 5:53 AM, Paul Taylor <> wrote:
> Michael McCandless wrote:
>> Lucene doesn't have anything builtin to handle this.
>> It's probably best to put synchronization into your code in such a
>> case?  It's presumably also not great if your IndexReader opens an
>> empty index since searches will find no results.  Ie, you should
>> probably only reopen the IndexReader after all docs have been
>> reindexed?
>> Or you could catch a failure to open the IndexReader and retry, but
>> that's not great since differentiating a true failure isn't easy.
>> Mike
> I can synchronize the reindex method but I dont think that will help because
> the problem is with the readers, the trouble is that I have various threads,
> and sometimes IndexReaders are being opened in reponse to something done on
> the GUI, without being aware that a reindex is being done. I think I need to
> get any IndexReader opens to wait for any reindexing to complete using
> something in the Concurrent Package. Or alternatively I was wondering if the
> reindex could be done on a different folder, so Indexreaders opened in the
> meantime work on the old index, than once the reindexd has completed I can
> swap the directory that the reader looks at to the new one.
> Which do you think would work ?
> Paul

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