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From Michael Mastroianni <>
Subject RE: kamikaze
Date Thu, 30 Apr 2009 13:23:57 GMT
Hi Anmol--

Thanks for bringing up the version I was using: when I switched back to
the official jar file, this test passed. The correctness problem only
seems to exist in the snapshot I grabbed.

The only reason I started using a snapshot was that the jar file had
line numbers turned off in the compilation, and no source attachment.
Would it be possible for you to make a version of the jar file with line
numbers turned on, and a source attachment, for your next release?
Without that, it's pretty nearly impossible to debug problems like the
NPE regression.


-----Original Message-----
From: molz [] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 29, 2009 10:58 PM
Subject: RE: kamikaze

Hi Michael,

2 Questions. 

1. What version of Kamikaze are you running with?
2. Can you try the snippet below and let me know if it fails ? I ran it
times and it did not fail. Maybe there is some difference in the
methods you have ? I am still trying to track down if anything is off at
end but does not seem to be.

    public void testMultipleIntersections() 
            ArrayList<OpenBitSet> obs = new ArrayList<OpenBitSet>(); 
            ArrayList<DocIdSet> docs = new ArrayList<DocIdSet>(); 
        Random rand = new Random(System.currentTimeMillis()); 
            int maxDoc = 350000; 
            for(int i=0; i < 3; ++i) 
                    int numdocs = rand.nextInt(maxDoc); 
                    ArrayList<Integer> nums = new 
                    HashSet<Integer> seen = new HashSet<Integer>(); 
                    for (int j = 0; j < numdocs; j++) 
                            int nextDoc = rand.nextInt(maxDoc); 
                                            nextDoc = 
                    obs.add(createObs(nums, maxDoc)); 
            OpenBitSet base = obs.get(0); 
            for(int i = 1; i < obs.size(); ++i) 
            AndDocIdSet ands = new AndDocIdSet(docs); 
            long card1 = base.cardinality(); 
            long card2 = ands.size(); 
            assertEquals(card1, card2); 

    private OpenBitSet createObs(ArrayList<Integer> nums, int maxDoc) {
      OpenBitSet bitSet = new OpenBitSet(maxDoc);
      for(int num:nums)
      return bitSet;
    private DocIdSet createDocSet(ArrayList<Integer> nums) {
      DocSet p4d = DocSetFactory.getDocSetInstance(0, 35000000, 200000,
      for(int num:nums)
      return p4d;

I even tried with the following 

  private DocIdSet createDocSet(ArrayList<Integer> nums) {
      P4DDocIdSet p4d = new P4DDocIdSet();
      for(int num:nums)
      return p4d;

 The NPE you mention in the previous emails has been identified as a bug
will be fixed in the next release (in a day or two). 


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