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From "Lukas, Ray" <>
Subject RE: ebook resources - including lucene in action
Date Tue, 21 Apr 2009 11:49:37 GMT
Erik is right!!
We should bane together and bring legal action against these dirtballs..
Do you like it when someone steals your work, takes credit for it, and
turns a profit off of it.
More than giving their lives to write this content, they are also
contributors to the very software that we use, and depend on. It is not
easy writing a book, Lucene in Action is a pretty good book and I
shutter to think of the massive effort it took, and is taking to
create.. This is a major source of income that has been earn by, and
deserved by, these authors/contributors. Stealing this work is not only
a sin, it is a total disrespect for the very people we count on. 
Certainly the internet provider of this site can be notified and made to
shut it down. These dirtball people are making money off of the work
that they have stolen.. How can this be right.. 
Open source software is a major assets for our industry and these people
have attacked it. They should, and justice indeed demands that, they
feel some pain.
We use this software, which has been freely written and freely given to
us to use. All the contributors ask is the right to earn a living, a
right that they more than deserver considering the contribution that
they have made. Speaking just for myself, I hope that they earn a good
living. For me, speaking for myself, and I doubt seriously if I am alone
in this, most of my projects could not be done without these open source
resources (TomCat, Lucene, Nutch, PostGres, MySql, Drools, etc).. Where
would we be without these.. Do you know how much the licensing fees
would be for these things from a commercial vendor? I just got a quote
for an enterprise license for one of these from a commercial vendor at
500K. I will let you speak for yourselves. The people that created these
systems deserve a certain amount of respect and justice. They are
stealing and harming the very people that make our projects and the
companies we work for possible. 
Is a simple 30 or 40 dollars in recognition for what these guys have
done to much to ask? To do what is right... 
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From: Erik Hatcher [] 
Sent: Monday, April 20, 2009 6:50 PM
Cc: wu fuheng; nutch-user;;;
Subject: Re: ebook resources - including lucene in action

It is not legal to share purchased e-books in this manner.  Please  
purchase copies of the books you read, otherwise authors have very  
little incentive to dedicate months (14 months in the case of Lucene  
in Action, first edition) of their lives to writing this content.


On Apr 20, 2009, at 1:58 AM, Saurabh Bhutyani wrote:

> Check out this site: www.downloadsearchengine.comIt allows to search  
> and download pdf ebooks, ppts, doc, mp3, torrents, rapidshare links  
> etc. Original message From:wu fuheng< >Date: 20  
> Apr 09 09:28:56Subject:ebook resources  including lucene in  
> actionTo: nutchuser@lucene.apache.orgwelcome to download ....

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