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From Paul Taylor <>
Subject Re: no segments* file found: files: Error on opening index
Date Wed, 29 Apr 2009 13:20:26 GMT
Michael McCandless wrote:
> Are you sure you can't make the reader reopen block on a reindex?  Or
> skip reopen if reindex is in process?
> (Because that's the simplest solution).
Thats what Im suggesting in principle, I just need to work out the best 
way to do it because the reader reopen has no idea whether a reindex is 
occurring athe moment, I have to introduce some concurrency code to 
achive this.
> If not, I think the next best solution is likely to allow multiple
> commit points in the index.  You'll need a custom deletion policy that
> always keeps the "last commit point that's safe to reopen" in the
> index.  Then a reindex can gleefully proceed since the last "safe to
> reopen" commit point will not be deleted.  If a reader wants to
> reopen, you ask it to reopen on that "last safe commit point".
> But these APIs (reopen to a commit point) are only available in 2.9
> trunk.  You can emulate this in prior releases by using separate
> indexing directories in the filesystem.
I had already upgraded to 2.9, so I'll have a look at this as well. For 
me I would want it to work so that before a reindex starts it creates a 
commit point on the existing index, so a that any index readers created 
in the meantime will work on the last one


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