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From Paul Taylor <>
Subject Re: no segments* file found: files: Error on opening index
Date Mon, 27 Apr 2009 10:01:40 GMT
Paul Taylor wrote:
> Hi I was using a RAMDirectory and this was working fine but have now 
> moved over to a  filesystem directory to preserve space, the directory 
> is just initialized once
>    directory = new RAMDirectory();
>    directory = 
> FSDirectory.getDirectory(Platform.getPlatformLicenseFolder()+ "/" + 
> but I create an IndexReader as required
>     IndexReader ir =;
> and then close it when Ive finished with it.
> but sometimes it is failing with
>    no segments* file found: files:
> interestingly no file is specified in the error message whereas other 
> reporters of this message show a reference to an actual file in the 
> message.
> My code is multithreaded so I'm wondering if the problem is that two 
> thread have both opened an IndexReader, or one thread is using an 
> IndexWriter to add a document, whilst another is trying to read. But I 
> wasnt aware either of these cases was not allowed, any ideas ?
> thanks Paul
Hi, anybody have an idea about this, Im sure Im not the only one to 
encounter this.


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