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From Steven Bethard <>
Subject Re: exponential boosts
Date Fri, 24 Apr 2009 01:13:53 GMT
On 4/23/2009 2:42 PM, Marcus Herou wrote:
> So what you basically are saying is that:
> 1. You have an index which contains data that is more or less static (no
> updates) or you have another update interval than the PR interval.
> 2. A PR index which is rebuilt (from scratch ?) every X days/weeks/months.

Yep, that's the basic idea. That way, you can rebuild the PageRank index
without touching the other index.

>> Then when I want to get the value back, I use a FieldScoreQuery, which
>> just returns the field value as the document score, like this:
>>  new FieldScoreQuery(PAGE_RANK_FIELD_NAME, FieldScoreQuery.Type.FLOAT);
> Great. Never seen that query type before. Will it use that fields score
> solely as the base for rank ? Can it be combinable with other Query types or
> am I missing something ?

To combine it with other query types, use a CustomScoreQuery, something

  new CustomScoreQuery(otherQuery, pageRankFieldScoreQuery)

You may want to subclass CustomScoreQuery and do something more
interesting than the default, which is just to multiply the two scores
together, I believe. Check the CustomScoreQuery docs for the full details:

> What if I instead sorted on that column ? which is most efficient ?
> Example:, null, 100000, new Sort("score", true));
> Then we get to the issue of how to open two indexes and use one
> IndexSearcher across them and perhaps a MultiFieldQueryParser to produce the
> Query.

I've never used a Sort before, so someone else will have to answer this bit.

>> If you want to combine the PageRank score with another Query score, then
>> you can look at CustomScoreQuery to do so.
> You mean by perhaps combining it with user supplied boost like field:term^4
> ?
> Will the score passed in be the score of the FieldScoreQuery if used or the
> built in one ?

See above. I believe the default CustomScoreQuery behavior is two just
multiply the two query scores together, so you'd get something like:

  otherQueryScore * PageRank

for the CustomScoreQuery above.


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