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From 김관호 <>
Subject Re: How to customize score according to field value?
Date Wed, 08 Apr 2009 03:46:16 GMT
Jinming Zhang wrote:
> Hi,
> I have the following situation which needs to customize the final score
> according to field value.
> Suppose there are two docs in my query result, and they are ordered by
> default score sort:
> doc1(field1:bookA, field2:2000-01-01) -- score:0.80
> doc2(field1:bookB, filed2:2009-01-01) -- score:0.70
> I want "doc2" to have a higher score since it's publishing date is more
> recent, while "doc1" to have a lower score:
> doc2(field1:bookB, filed2:2009-01-01) -- score:0.77
> doc1(field1:bookA, field2:2000-01-01) -- score:0.73
> I found this scenario is different from doc.setBoost() and field.setBoost().
> Is there any way to impact the score calculated for "doc1" & "doc2"
> according to the value of "field2"?
> Thank you in advance!

If I were you, I would store the date information as a long type
(as i know, lucene stores any date information as a long type 
automatically, so it should be a natural way. you can change date type 
to long type and vice versa very easily by using lucene's provided date 
apis.) and make a linear function about the date information.

The input of the function is a date information and the output is a 
simple float value which indicates how recent a book is. As more recent 
books have larger function values linearly, you can finely adjust your 
score by weighting the output of function according to your ranking policy.

After then, simply, modify your docs' score on the fly by using the 
function's output at customScore() which are mentioned at one of replies 
for your question by patrick o'leary.


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