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From Steven A Rowe <>
Subject RE: Boolean Logic inside a QueryWrapperFilter
Date Wed, 22 Apr 2009 20:38:06 GMT
Hi David,

On 4/22/2009 at 4:15 PM, David Seltzer wrote:
> I have some code that dynamically creates a Boolean query designed to
> work as a filter. After the query runs I end up with this filter.
> Filter: QueryWrapperFilter(+(-SourceID:100)
> +spanNear([ArticleContent:nuclear, ArticleContent:proliferation], 30,
> false))
> My expectation is that this should limit the resultset to only results
> that matches 'nuclear' NEAR 'proliferation' and are not tagged with
> SourceID 100. Can anyone think of a reason that this would exclude all
> content?
> There are plenty of legitimate hits.
> Is the +(-SourceID:100) a problem?

Prohibited clauses need a non-prohibited sibling clause in order to function.

+(-SourceID:100) means:

  /+/ : only match docs from:
     /-SourceID:100/ : do not match docs with SourceID:100, from:
        //: (the empty set)

That last line is the key here: you're excluding docs from a set that was empty to begin with.

You can remedy this either by removing the required clause around the prohibited clause, i.e.:

 Filter: QueryWrapperFilter(-SourceID:100
                                      30, false))

or by adding a MatchAllDocsQuery to the required clause containing the prohibited clause:

 Filter: QueryWrapperFilter(+(-SourceID:100 *:*)
                                      30, false))


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