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From <>
Subject IndexSearcher and out of memory error
Date Thu, 30 Apr 2009 16:35:43 GMT

I'm using Lucene 2.2.0.  I've got a query class that wraps an
IndexSearcher object.  Right now, we create a new IndexSearcher each
time my query class gets instantiated and then it gets used throughout
the life of the query class.  Multiple queries get made against the
IndexSearcher object during this time.  Typically, the query class gets
instantiated many times, queries are made against it and then it gets
garbage collected.  Over time, however, what we are seeing is that
performance degredation occurs and then eventually queries that once
worked end up throwing OutOfMemory exceptions.  

I have read in the forums that the recommended practice is to only
create one IndexSearcher and keep it open for the life of the app.  In
fact, we used to have it this way, where the query class kept a static
reference to the IndexSearcher that only got initialized once (the first
time the query class got instantiated).  However, a colleague found (I
have not actually tested this myself) that when the index got updated
(from an outside process kicked off by a scheduler) that the new Docs
added to the index were not visible to the IndexSearcher.  This is why
we went to creating a new IndexSearcher for each query class.

My questions are:
1) Does it make sense that we'd be having memory issues the way we are
doing it?  If so, why?
2) Or is this a memory leak bug in 2.2.0?  Note: I am calling
IndexSearcher.close() when I'm done with the query class and I'm still
seeing the OutOfMemoryException.
3) Given that we need to update the index periodically, is there a
recommended solution for this?

FWIW, the code looks something like:

private IndexSearcher searcher = null;

public MyQueryClass
	String indexPath = ... // initialize index path
	searcher = new IndexSearcher(FSDirectory.getDirectory(new

private Hits evaluateLucene( query, Sort
	Hits result = null;
		if (sort == null)
			result =;
			result =, sort);
	catch (IOException e)
		throw new RuntimeException(e);

	return result;

public void close()
	catch (IOException e)
		throw new RuntimeException(e);

Note: all callers to 'evaluateLucene' just have a local Hits object that
presumably gets garbage collected when they go out of scope.

I am calling the MyQueryClass.close() method from the instaniator of the
MyQueryClass instance in a finally clause.



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