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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Query against newly created index.. Do not work
Date Thu, 05 Mar 2009 23:26:41 GMT

: I can now create indexes with Nutch, and see them in Luke.. this is
: fantastic news, well for me it is beyond fantastic.. 
: Now I would like to (need to) query them, and to that end I wrote the
: following code segment.
: 		int maxHits = 1000;
: 		NutchBean nutchBean = new NutchBean(nutchConf);
: 		Query nutchQuery = Query.parse(nutchSearchTerm,
: nutchConf);
: 		Hits nutchHits =, maxHits);
: 		return nutchHits.getLength();

...even though your code is written in java "java-user@lucene" isn't the 
appropriate mailing list for this type of question, java-user is for users 
of the Lucene Java API that is the underpinninings of Nutch (it's slightly 
confusing that the sub-projecct name has java in it)

If you ask your question on the nutch-user@lucene mailing list, i'm 
guessing you'll get a lot of feedback from people who are familiar with 
the Nutch java code.  (most people on this list probably have no idea what 
a NutchBean is)


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