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From Chris Lu <>
Subject Re: i18n numbers
Date Thu, 26 Mar 2009 22:16:57 GMT

First of all, do you really want the user to search price:19.99 ?
Maybe you should use some logic like price>=19.99?
If so, you should use range query to handle this case.

Chris Lu
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Marcel Overdijk wrote:
> First of all I'm new into Lucene. I'm experimenting right now with it in
> combination with Hibernate Search.
> What I'm wondering is of I can index numbers related to i18n.
> E.g. I have a Book entity with a price attribute.
> A book with a price of 19.99 can be found while searching for price:19.99.
> The thing is Dutch users will search for 19,99 (different decimal symbol).
> How can this be handled.
> Furthermore, Dutch users will search for something like prijs:19,99.
> Can this be done with aliases or something. The problem is maybe one day I
> want to support German language as well.
> The front-end app can be translated by simply adding i18n resource bundles.
> Is something like this also possible for searching within Lucene?
> Cheers,
> Marcel

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