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From Seid Mohammed <>
Subject similarity function
Date Thu, 05 Mar 2009 14:49:10 GMT
For my work, I have read an article stating that " Answer type can be
automatically constructed by Indexing Different Questions and Answer
types. Later, when an unseen question apears, answer type for this
question will be found with the help of 'similarity function'

so I am clear with the arguement above. my problem is,
1. how can I index individual questions and Answer types as is ( not tokenized
2. how can I calculate the similarity between indexed questions and
and unseen questions (question of any type that can be asked latter)

to make things clear: the senario is
1. Who is the president of UN
              Answer type <Person>
2. When will the presidency of Meles Zenawi hold?
          Answer Type <Date>
these two will be indexed and
and later an unseen question like
who is the president of Kenya
          should match the first question and so that will have answer
type of <Person>

I appricate any help

Seid M

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