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From Paul Smith <>
Subject Re: Memory Leak?
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2009 21:03:39 GMT
> No, I don't hit OOME if I comment out the call to getHTMLTitle. The  
> heap
> behaves perfectly.
> I completely agree with you, the thread count goes haywire the  
> moment I call
> the HTMLParser.getTitle(). I have seen a thread count of like 600  
> before my
> I hit OOME (with the getTitle() call on) and 90% of those threads  
> are in
> wait state. They are not doing anything but just sitting there  
> forever, I am
> sure they are consuming the heap and never giving it back.

Just FYI, on Linux platforms (and I think Windows) the default stack  
size for a thread is 1Mb.  600 extra threads is 600Mb of virtual  
address space, that's outside the heap though so is unlikely to be the  
cause of an actual OutOfMemoryError (if that is actually what you're  
seeing, it's not a different sort of memory error is it?).  Even if  
you fix the OOM condition, but still have 600 threads lying around  
you're on your way to a serious problem on a 32-bit Operating system  
which usually causes a process a horrible death when it's virtual size  
reaches the magically 3Gb mark.  It' only takes 3000 threads (only x5  
more than you have) even without any _heap_ space utilising the  
virtual address space before you reach the cliff with the jagged rocks  
of process death below.

Hope that helps too.


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