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From Shashi Kant <>
Subject Re: Multiple indexes vs single index
Date Sat, 14 Feb 2009 16:13:24 GMT
Take a look at Solr - it should be able to handle the scale you describe. My suggestion is
not to partition indexes unless absolutely have to.

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From: "" <>
Sent: Saturday, February 14, 2009 10:27:58 AM
Subject: RE: Multiple indexes vs single index


> You get one answer if each document is 1K, another if it's
> 1G. If you have 2 users or 10,000 users. If you require
> 100 queries/sec response time or 1 query can take 10
> seconds. If you require an update to the index every
> second or month...

Each doc has up to 10 A4 pages text.
There will be about 100 customers/clients/companies (not users, every
customer will have about 10 users).
I would expect 1 query/s not more.
No updates to the index.

> You have two problems with maintaining one index/user.
> 1> Trying to maintain N indexes is much harder than one,
>      especially when you factor in backups, etc.

This is the biggest problem I see.

> 2> There is a cost to opening an index. If you look at the
>      Wiki you'll see that the recommendation is that you
>      open an index, and run a few warmup queries to fill
>      caches etc. before, for instance, measuring performance.
>      So if you maintain an index/user, how do you expect
>      to handle this issue?

I would open the index on demand and close it after a period of inactivity.

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