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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: ORs and Ranks
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2009 22:55:24 GMT

:   The question I'm trying to phrase is: Is there a way to make the rank of
: SHOULD term conditional?
:   In the example, I'm trying to express "If the term MEDICAL is found, the
: term CAT ranks high; if the term ANIMAL is found, the term CAT ranks low."

except that there is an ambiguous situation here: what if a document 
contains both MEDICAL and ANIMAL ?

you'll probably want a query something like this...


:   According to Luke, I get two SHOULD clauses, each with a MUST and a
: SHOULD.   As I understood things, a SHOULD *term* merely affects the ranking
: of the results, it doesn't affect what gets brought back.  So I'm trying to
: understand what a SHOULD *clause* does in this case.  More importantly, what
: does it logically mean to: "should have a must?"   That's like saying I have
: an optional mandatory term.

not exactly ... Lucene queries "build up" result sets (hence you can't 
have a purely negative query) when a booleam query doesn't contain any 
MUST clauses, then at least one SHOULD clause must match a document for 
that document to make it into the result set.

So when your outermost BooleanQuery contains two SHOULD clauses that means 
you need one or the other to match -- if both match, your score gets even 

:   Is it even possible to express this construct as a single expression or
: data structure for the API:
:     1.   +( MEDICAL ANIMAL )    You must have either MEDICAL and/or ANIMAL.
:     2.   If MEDICAL present, then CAT ranks high, else, if ANIMAL present,
: then CAT ranks low, otherwise the presence of the term CAT has no influence
: on rank.

...ah, see when you elaborate on the details, it becoamse easier to spell 
out hte query structure...


in order for one of the main clauses to match, either MEDICAL or ANIMAL 
must match.  if MEDICAL matches CAT scores high; we only care about ANIMAL 
matching if MEDICAL doesn't match -- in which case CAT ranks low.


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