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From "Angel, Eric" <>
Subject ShingleMatrixFilter for synonyms
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2009 19:39:11 GMT
Does anyone have an example using this?


I have a SynonymEngine that returns a an array list of strings, some of
which may be multiple words.  How can I incorporate this with my
SynonymEngine at index time?


Also, the javadoc for the ShingleMatrixFilter class says:

            Without a spacer character it can be used to handle
composition and decomposion of words such as searching for "multi
dimensional" instead of "multidimensional".


Does any one have a working example of this?



Here's my synonym engine (taken from the Lucene In Action book):


public interface SynonymEngine {

      public String[] getSynonyms(String word) throws IOException;



public class DexSynonymEngine implements SynonymEngine {


      private static Map<String, String[]> map = new HashMap<String,


      static {

            // numbers

            map.put("1" , new String[] {"one"});

            map.put("2" , new String[] {"two"});

            map.put("3" , new String[] {"three"});

            map.put("4" , new String[] {"four"});

            map.put("5" , new String[] {"five"});

            map.put("6" , new String[] {"six", "seis"});

            map.put("7" , new String[] {"seven"});

            map.put("8" , new String[] {"eight"});

            map.put("9" , new String[] {"nine"});

            map.put("10" , new String[] {"ten"});

            map.put("11" , new String[] {"eleven"});

            map.put("12" , new String[] {"twelve"});

            map.put("13" , new String[] {"thirteen"});

            map.put("14" , new String[] {"fourteen"});

            map.put("15" , new String[] {"fifteen"});

            map.put("16" , new String[] {"sixteen"});

            map.put("17" , new String[] {"seventeen"});

            map.put("18" , new String[] {"eighteen"});

            map.put("19" , new String[] {"nineteen"});

            map.put("20" , new String[] {"twenty"});

            map.put("21" , new String[] {"twenty one"});

            // words

            map.put("pharmacy" , new String[] {"drug store"});

            map.put("pharmacy" , new String[] {"drug store"});

            map.put("hospital" , new String[] {"medical center"});

            map.put("fast", new String[]{"quick", "speedy"});

            map.put("search", new String[]{"explore", "hunt", "hunting",

            map.put("sound", new String[]{"audio"});

            map.put("restaurant", new String[]{"eatery"});





      public String[] getSynonyms(String word) throws IOException {

            return map.get(word);




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