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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: IndexWriter.flush performance
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2008 11:24:57 GMT

Flushing is still done "synchronously" with an addDocument call.  The  
time spent is in proportion to how large the RAM buffer is, and, how  
fast your IO system accepts writes.

So, you'll be happily adding documents, until IW decides a flush is  
needed, and then it will flush (blocking) using your current thread.

But, as you noted, previously that flush would also synchronously  
merge when needed, but with ConcurrentMergeScheduler that merging is  
now done in the background.

The new commit() method is quite a bit more costly than a flush  
because it must sync the files (ensure they are persisted to stable  
storage) before continuing.

There is a nice analogy to mountain climbing: every so often, you must  
hammer a new anchor into the rock, which is your safety in case you  
fall.  You spend alot of time finding a safe spot, and hammering  
thoroughly, so that anchor will hold you if you fall, just as Lucene's  
commit spends alot of time waiting for all the "anchors" to be on  
stable storage in case the machine crashes.  In between hammering  
anchors you can climb fairly quickly simply using hands & feet to  
"temporarily" hold on, just like Lucene writes new segment files as  
"temporary" files (in that they won't survive crash), during flush.   
So you should use commit sparingly, and, open your IndexWriter with  


mimounl wrote:

> Jokin Cuadrado wrote:
>> Avery time you flush the index, you are writing a small index to the
>> disk. Theres a  defined value (mergefactor) that decides when it have
>> to merge all of those small index in a bigger one, so as the index
>> grown the merges are bigger.
> Don't you thing I have to migrate my lucene version to 1.4 because  
> in this
> version, it sounds like the writings of document in the index files  
> are
> independant from the merge operation ?
> I mean, in last version, the merge is performed by default by a
> ConcurrentMergeScheduler that will make the commit operation  
> approximatly
> constant whatever the size of the index. Is that true ?
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