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From Magnus Rundberget <>
Subject lucene nicking my memory ?
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2008 10:41:20 GMT

We have an application using Tomcat, Spring etc and Lucene 2.4.0.
Our index is about 100MB (in test) and has about 20 indexed fields.

Performance is pretty good, but we are experiencing a very high usage  
of memory when searching.

Looking at JConsole during a somewhat silly scenario (but illustrates  
the problem);
(Allocated 512 MB Min heap space, max 1024)

0. Initially memory usage is about 70MB
1. Search for word "er", heap memory usage goes up by 100-150MB
1.1 Wait for 30 seconds... memory usage stays the same (ie no gc)
2. Search by word "og", heap memory usage goes up another 50-100MB
2.1 See 1.1

...and so on until it seems to reach the 512 MB limit, and then a  
garbage collection is performed
i.e garbage collection doesn't seem to occur until it "hits the roof"

We believe the scenario is similar in production, were our heap space  
is limited to 1.5 GB.

Our search is basically as follows
1. Open an IndexSearcher
2. Build a Boolean Query searching across 4 fields (title, summary,  
content and daterangestring YYYYMMDD)
2.1 Sort on title
3. Perform search
4. Iterate over hits to build a set of custom result objects (pretty  
small, as we dont include content in these)
5. Close searcher
6. Return result objects.

We have tried various options based on entries on this mailing list;
a) Cache the IndexSearcher - Same results
b) Remove sorting - Same result
c) In point 4 only iterating over a limited amount of hits rather than  
whole collection - Same result in terms of memory usage, but obviously  
increased performance
d) Using RamDirectory vs FSDirectory - Same result only initial heap  
usage is higher using ramdirectory (in conjuction with cached  

Doing some profiling using YourKit shows a huge number of char[],  
int[] and string[], and ever increasing number of lucene related  

Reading through the mailing lists, suspicions are that our problem is  
related to ThreadLocals and memory not being released. Noticed that  
there was a related patch for this in 2.4.0, but it doesn't seem to  
help us much.

Any ideas ?

kind regards

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