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From Pekka Nykyri <>
Subject Special characters prevent entity being indexed
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2008 15:05:32 GMT

I'm having problems with entities including special characters (Spanish 
language) not getting indexed.

I haven't been able to find the the reason why some entities get indexed 
while some don't.

I have 3 fields that (currently) hold the same value. The value for the 
fields is example "¡Fantástico!- blaaba". Then when I change ONE of the 
three values to "¡Fantástico! - blaaba", the entity gets indexed. So 
chanching only one field makes it to index.

But the bigger problem with this is, that I have almost (other fields are 
almost similar and I don't think they cause the problem) similar entity, 
with exactly the same three "¡Fantástico!- blaaba" -fields and it gets 
indexed normally. Even though the "critical" fields are exactly the same.

And also all entities where three fields start with "upside down ?"-mark 
doesn't get indexed.

I'm really confused with the problem because I don't seem to be able to 
find any logic some entities not being indexed even though they are 
similar to some other. And changing only one value of the three makes it 

Sorry for a really messy message but I just can't explain it more clearly 

Thanks in advance,

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