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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: Which is faster/better
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2008 12:53:49 GMT

If you have nothing open already, and all you want to do is delete
certain documents and make a commit point, then using IndexReader vs
IndexWriter should show very little difference in speed.

But if you have mixed adds/deletes, especially a batch of them where
you don't need any commit points until the end, doing everything with
a single IndexWriter is faster because IndexWriter will buffer up a
bunch of deletes before applying them.

That said, I'd really like to deprecate IndexReader.deleteDocuments,
eventually.  I prefer that there be one obvious way to do things (I
copied this from Python, btw).

As of 2.4, IndexWriter now provides delete-by-Query, which I think
ought to meet nearly all of the cases where someone wants to
delete-by-docID using IndexReader.

Or are there situations out there where delete-by-docID is still


Antony Bowesman wrote:

> In 2.4, as well as IndexWriter.deleteDocuments(Term) there is also  
> IndexReader.deleteDocuments(Term).
> I understand opening a reader is expensive, so does this means using  
> IndexWriter.deleteDocuments would be faster from a closed index  
> position?
> As the IndexReader instance is newer, it has better Javadocs, so  
> it's unclear which is the 'right' one to use.
> Any pointers?
> Antony
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