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From "Henrik Axelsson" <>
Subject Re: Using multiple index searchers.
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2008 03:03:06 GMT
Hi all,

After reading the FAQ I have a question regarding the use of multiple
indexes and thus IndexSearches on the one server.

I work on ecommerce websites and am looking at replacing our current
method of full text searching product descriptions and names with a
Lucene implementation. I envisaged creating a separate index file for
each of the sites running on our main webserver (about 10 sites, each
with different product listings). However this would mean that I would
need to have many instances of IndexSearcher open and potentially come
across file handle limit problems (as outlined in the FAQ) as well as
consuming lots of memory. Is this a valid concern? Would I be able to
use Lucene this way?

An alternative would be to combine all the sites data into one index,
and have a field identifiying which site each product entry belonged
to. However I would rather not mix the data together.


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