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From Antony Bowesman <>
Subject Re: Which is faster/better
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2008 22:30:06 GMT
Michael McCandless wrote:
> If you have nothing open already, and all you want to do is delete
> certain documents and make a commit point, then using IndexReader vs
> IndexWriter should show very little difference in speed.

Thanks.  This use case can assume there may be nothing open.  I prefer 
IndexWriter as delete=write is a much clearer concept that delete=read...

> As of 2.4, IndexWriter now provides delete-by-Query, which I think
> ought to meet nearly all of the cases where someone wants to
> delete-by-docID using IndexReader.

Yes, that is an excellent addition.  Up to now, our only use case for 
delete-by-docId is to perform a dBQ and so far, we have been using your 
suggestion from last year about how to do delete documents for ALL terms.


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