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From Dora <>
Subject Can Lucene tells which field matched ?
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2008 09:18:45 GMT


I am new to Lucene and working on a search module for some XML data:

I need to provide a "search all" able to look in all xml fields.
Apparently Lucene (2.4.0) does not provide such a "search all" facility, and
I have to build a query with my search field associated to all available XML

Assuming that I am searching in a address book (fictive example for
illustration) which is made of contacts (my lucene documents) containing
several fields like name, address, city, ...
So my search for "paul" inside my addressbook will look like:
name:paul OR address:paul OR city:paul and so on... 

Lucene will then tell me which contacts match my query, but is there a way
to know which field(s) matched the request ?
The goal is to display the XML with the matching fields highlighted.

I did not found anything like this in Lucene, so I seems that the only way
is to perform a additional search field by field...

So if I have 100 fields per document (I told you my address book was a
fictive example, the XML I am working on are a little bit more complex), and
get 100 results that I want ot display in a list, this mean that I would
need to perform 10000 additional searches request... 

Please tell me that there is a better way to do the job...
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