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From Rafael Cunha de Almeida <>
Subject Re: Using AND with MultiFieldQueryParser
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2008 15:07:35 GMT
On Thu, 13 Nov 2008 12:12:17 -0500
Matthew Hall <> wrote:

> Which Analyzer have you assigned per field?
> The PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper uses a default analyzer (the one you passed 
> during its construction), and then you assign specific analyzers to each 
> field that you want to have special treatment.
> For example:
>         PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper aWrapper = new PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper(
>                 new StandardAnalyzer());
>         aWrapper.addAnalyzer("data", new MGIAnalyzer());
>         aWrapper.addAnalyzer("sdata", new StemmedMGIAnalyzer());
> Now, for the fields in question, have you assigned an Analyzer that 
> doesn't actually use stopwords? (there are several available in core)  
> Or are you perchance using a custom Analyzer that doesn't process stop 
> words?
> Could you possibly post your Initialization code for this?  If so I 
> think we could be of more help to you.

I wrote this method, which returns me the analyzer:
    static public Analyzer getAnalyzer()
        PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper analyzer = new PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper(
            new KeywordAnalyzer());
        analyzer.addAnalyzer("placas", new UniqueTokensAnalyzer());
        analyzer.addAnalyzer("ano", new UniqueTokensAnalyzer());
        analyzer.addAnalyzer("no_reds", new NumberAnalyzer());

        analyzer.addAnalyzer("nomes", new SimpleBrazilianAnalyzer());
        analyzer.addAnalyzer("apelidos", new SimpleBrazilianAnalyzer());
        analyzer.addAnalyzer("historico", new SimpleBrazilianAnalyzer
()); analyzer.addAnalyzer("modosAcaoCriminosa", new
SimpleBrazilianAnalyzer()); analyzer.addAnalyzer("nomeMunicipio", new
SimpleBrazilianAnalyzer()); analyzer.addAnalyzer("nomeBairro", new
SimpleBrazilianAnalyzer()); analyzer.addAnalyzer("logradouro", new
SimpleBrazilianAnalyzer()); analyzer.addAnalyzer("textoComplementar",
new SimpleBrazilianAnalyzer());

        return analyzer;

SimpleBrazilianAnalyzer is my own analyzer that uses stopwords.

I pass that analyzer to MultiFieldQueryParser together with an array
with all the fields, ie. those fields and more.

When I do an AND search I'd like it to ignore stopwords. My best idea
so far is to make my own tokenizer and remove stopwords from the
search. How does that sound?

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