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From Clay Zhong <>
Subject Can lucene search from multi-index directory like using FK in database?
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2008 12:31:53 GMT
Hi Guys,

I meet some problems when using Lucene 2.3.2. After a lot of research, I
still can't find any ways to solve them. Hope you can give me some

1. Can I search different document from multi-index when they have
connections like FK in database?
For example,
Index Dir 1 (User): Field id, Field departmentId
Index Dir 2 (Department): Field id, Field location
How can I get all user that location is USA?
Well, I can index location into User, or search from Department first to
get departmentId. But they're really terrible, is there a better way?

2. How can I search from multi-index with one query? It's different from
using MultiSearcher.
For example, there's two fields, 'title' and 'content', when I search
'Java and Lucene', how can I get documents which contains 'Java' in
'title' and 'lucene' in 'content'? (not only 'Java and Lucene' in one
field). I can add a field contains both 'title' and 'content', but
that's really really bad solution....

That's all my questions, thanks for your patient.

Best Wishes
Clay Zhong

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