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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: [ot] a reverse lucene
Date Sun, 23 Nov 2008 09:00:33 GMT

On Nov 22, 2008, at 10:57 PM, Ian Holsman wrote:
> Hi. apologies for the off-topic question.

Not off-topic at all!

> I was wondering if anyone knew of a open source solution (or a  
> pointer to the algorithms)
> that do the reverse of lucene.
> By that I mean store a whole lot of queries, and run them against a  
> document to see which queries match it. (with a score etc)
> I can see the case for this would be a news-article and several  
> people writing queries to get alerted if it matched a certain  
> condition.

This use-case was the reason MemoryIndex was created.  It's a fast  
single document index where incoming documents could be sent in  
parallel to the main index - and slamming a bunch of queries at it.   
There's also InstantiatedIndex to compare to, as it can handle  
multiple documents.


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