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From "Aleksander M. Stensby" <>
Subject Retrieving Top Terms for a subset of the index (or for all results of a query)
Date Sat, 11 Oct 2008 10:36:04 GMT
Hello everyone. I've been fiddeling with the idea of retrieving the top  
terms from a subset of the index (i.e. top terms from the documents  
retrieved by a given search). This could for instance be useful to  
identify top ranking terms in a given datespan etc.

It would be something like getting the top 50 terms (like you can do with  
luke) but instead of doing it for the full index, I would like to do the  
same procedure after applying a filter or a query. Don't know if this is a  
bad explaination or wheter it makes any sense at all...

So, I really want to avoid iterating over all results (obviously), so my  
question is really if there is a prefered approach for doing such analysis  
/ has this been done in a good way before?

Thanks for any help!

Best regards,

Aleksander M. Stensby
Senior Software Developer
Integrasco A/S
+47 41 22 82 72

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