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From "Aleksander M. Stensby" <>
Subject Re: wizard for search in Lucene
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2008 07:33:58 GMT
 From what I can understand, you want to insert the word "history" and then  
get proposed "related" terms in combination with your input query.
In essense this would be to do a "look-up" on top-terms in the subset of  
documents matching the initial query "history". Exactly how you could do  
this is a bit uncertain from my knowledge, but I suggest you read up on  
term-frequency and the tf-idf scheme.

Also: take a look at the package:
and read the motivation email listed in the first segment of

I couldn't really see how you would autocomplete after the word history  
without listing a bunch of un-interesting terms as suggestions... But i  
might be wrong... Of course, if it was autocompletion you were looking  
for¸ Asbjørn answered that one just fine:)

Best regards,
  Aleksander M. Stensby

On Thu, 09 Oct 2008 18:49:26 +0200, Asbjørn A. Fellinghaug  
<> wrote:

> Albert Juhe:
>> Hi,
>> I want to make a wizard that can help to find n-grams terms.
>> For example:
>> If i want to search History, after write it the system propose you the
>> following searches:
>> history europe
>> history spain
>> history .....
>> Consulting the terms indexed.
>> Does it exits in Lucene?
> Hi.
> I interpret your question in such a way that you want autocompletion in
> your search system? In that case, I believe there are some Analyzer's
> which does this in the 'contrib' package. Also, I've created an Analyzer
> which creates "bigrams" (n-gram of size 2) in my master thesis.
> Feel free to download it from this page:
> Also, have a look at the package org.apache.lucene.analysis.ngram:

Aleksander M. Stensby
Senior Software Developer
Integrasco A/S
+47 41 22 82 72

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