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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: bunch of newbie queries, PS
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2008 03:56:47 GMT

: the "anonymous" SVN (
: does not work for me (I am using Eclipse 3.3, and have the subversion plug-in, v.
: 1.2.4, and have successfully checked out code using SVN from other repositories).
: Apparently here I need a user-id and pwd -- what is that or where do I get one? 

i'm not sure why you would be having problems with that ... i can't speak 
for Eclipse, but I just double checked and it's definitely allowing 
anonymous checkout from the command line.  can you try that and see if it 
works for you? (perhaps it's an issue with the server running subversion 
1.5 and your plugin only working with 1.4 ?)

: Allowing for the explanation below ("preserving history"), it seems like 
: there may not be a way to do what I had hoped for. Here's an example: I 
: poke around, looking for 2.2; I get to here: 
: OK, cool, now I click on ==>> Both binary and source releases are 
: available for download from the Apache Mirrors

Hmm ... this is actually the generic wording we currently use -- that page 
provides generic info on "how to get official releases"  ... nothing about 
that link (or that page) suggests that it will take you directly to a 
specific version of Lucene.  The fact that the URL has 2_2_0 in it is just 
an indicator that you are looking at the version of releases.html that was 
inlcuded in 2.2.0.

If you can suggest better wording to make it clear to novice users that 
page is *general* info about Lucene-Java Downloads, and not specific to 
any one version, i'm certainly interested.

: Maybe the closest one could get is to rephrase (from now on) the 
: sentence/link above, to read something like this:
: ==>> Both binary and source releases, for the <bold>current</bold> 
: version, are available for download from the Apache Mirrors

But that statement wouldn't be true: older versions are in fact 
available from the mirrors.  Perhaps the most straight forward way to help 
people in a similar situation in the future would be to make the archive 
sub directory more promoment ... i'll try to figure out where that 
README.html lives and update it with some more helpful verbage.


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