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From Jimi HullegÄrd <>
Subject RE: Calculation of fieldNorm causes irritating effect of sort order
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2008 13:55:44 GMT
Erick wrote:
> Another possibility (and I'm not sure it'll work, but what
> the heck) would
> be
> to create a Filter for active ideas. So rather than add a
> "category:14"
> clause,
> you create a Category14Filter that you send to the query
> along with your
> +type:idea +alltext:betyg clauses. Now, category won't be considered
> in scoring (as I understand it, anyway). See the various
> methods that take a Filter.
> Filters are pretty inexpensive to create, so if this works
> for you I'd just
> measure the time it takes to create a filter rather than
> cache them. But
> if you do want to cache filters, CachingWrapperFilter may be
> your friend.
> NOTE: I have no clue whether this will do what you want, but I vaguely
> remember from wildcard filter discussions that it might. And
> it would still
> allow boosts on the fields you were searching on....

Thanks for the filter suggestion. Filters is something I have not looked into much yet, but
I plan to do it soon. For now I tried the setOmitNorms(true) approach (mostly because I wanted
to see how easy it was to do this in a clever way, without hacking the CMS), and it worked
like a charm.

So, thanks Erik and Erick, for your suggestions!


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